Ciel cos make-up test
i was bored studying to death for my exams on monday..
here's what i came up with in the bathroom..

Ciel eyes~~ hurrhurr..

ciel make-up test 1

ciel make-up test 2

ciel make-up test 3
*made my eyes 2x as large*

didn't even bother to cement my skin smooth with concealer, foundation etc..
and did not wear contact lenses..
i just drew on my bare skin.

gawd.. stress-induced acne DX

i think i need a new set of eye liners..

* thin pencil eye liner
* felt-brush liquid eye liner
* MAC liquid eye liner

and also need to hunt for a blue-er eye-shadow.
i used pumpkinWin's blue eye liner that was once used to draw Blackcrane's Kaito (VOCALOID) brows LOLOL!!


more voluminous fake lashes.

meanwhile, i've got most of the materials i need for my Ciel costume..
just have to find some velveteen fabric in SG, silver buttons and silver tassels for the main outfit.
then the boots...

bought my walking stick because i suck -egh! DX-
Blackcrane is helping me with my top hat
wig -unstyled/rotting-

there's actually still a lot more to do o.O
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2010 - 2011 cosplay list
Crack Con #3
*secret* XD

Hikaru Shindo - Hikaru no Go
with Lisa as Fujiwara-no-Sai and fujiko as Akira Touya

Hope Estheim - FF XIII
melbnova - day1
with Pumpkin as Lightning Farron, Sarah F as Snow Villiers, Skye as Oerba dia Vanille, Hitomi as Oerba Yun Fang, Evan as Sazh Katzroy, Lisa as Cid Raines and fujiko as Serah Farron

Orihara Izaya - DURARARA!!
melbnova - day2
with Lisa as Heiwajima Shizuo, Pumpkin as Celty Struluson, fujiko as Ryuugamine Mikado, Miimoko as Kida Masaomi and Shiina as Sonohara Anri (?)

Hatsune Miku (Cendrillon *BLACK* ver.) - VOCALOID
Amaranth Ball
with Hitomi as Hatsune Miku (Cendrillon WHITE) and Lisa as prince!KAITO
hopefully with:
fujiko as Kagamine Len and Shiina as Kagamine Rin - ADOLECENCE

Li Syaoran - Cardcaptor Sakura
Manifest sat
with fujiko as Kinomoto Sakura <3, Lisa as Yue, Skye as Ruby Moon, Van as Eriol, Hitomi and Pumpkin as Light and Dark Clow cards
i'm not sure about..
Li Meilin: July or Shiina
Tomoyo Daidouji: Jill or Faridah

Hajimoe Shota (WESTERN + rasetsu ver.) - HAKUOUKI
Manifest sun
with fujiko as Lolimoe Cheezuru, Hitomi as Lolikata Moeshizu, Lisa as EMOkita bishie!Souji, Van as TouMOE He-is-uke, Helen as Keisuka Yamanami "Sannan-san", Shiina as Senhimoe (or LOLIhime), July as Nagumoe Kaoru and Pumpkin as Chikage SMzama

photoshoot only:

Yuuki Kuran (night class uniform) - VAMPIRE KNIGHT
with my sis as Yuuki Cross

Alois Trancy (costume party ver.) - KUROSHITSUJI II
with my sis as Ciel Phantomhive

Kagamine Rin (default ver.) - VOCALOID
with my sis as Kagamine Len

Kagamine Len (fate:rebirth) - VOCALOID
with Lisa as KAITO and Pumpkin as Gackpoid

Kagamine Len (setsugetsuka) - VOCALOID
with Aly as Gackpo and K as Ktye

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2010 cosplay list
Hope Estheim - FF XIII
photoshoot, august

Oz Versallius - Pandora Hearts
amaranth anime ball

Ciel Phantomhive - 黒執事
manifest, saturday

Pearl Fey - Phoenix Wright
manifest, sunday

Kuroko - RAILGUN
Crack Con #3

鏡音レン (fate:rebirth) - VOCALOID
鏡音レン (刹月華) - VOCALOID
鏡音レン (MAGNET with Kaito) - VOCALOID
雲雀 恭弥 (*D18*)- 家庭教師ヒットマン
Li Syaoran - Cardcaptor Sakura
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