manifest day 2!!
i have been mauled with my half-dead PC at home (it's currently in the process of reviving) and my flash assignment - which i am currently doing *dying on* now :D

dead PC.. i cannot install my adobe programs *stabs PC* and flash CS4 is currently happily fucking my insanity, patience and brain to no end.. then another UXD assignment which i have no idea about.. oh yea, i haven't worked on my Hope cos yet for the shoot DD:

liek.. leave me alone D: *is very stressed*

*flips table*


Sunday/220810 - Manifest day 02

people must have thought i've had enough of emo-ing over my life, making my dearest butler <3 kill people and eating his desserts such that i turned myself into a pedobait - or lolibait (jkjk)

Pearls?? by ~MeLRizA on deviantART
Pearl Fey - Ace Attorney

with these awesome peoples <3
Maya Fey @ fujiko | Mia fey @ Jess | Phoenix Wright @ Jo | Miles Edgeworth @ Lisa
The Judge (Udgey) @ Ultima | Emma Skye @ Heny | Fransizka Von Karma @ Sarah | Godot @ Evan

and we took part in the cosplay comp too!! 8D
here's our LULZLY skit FTW~~~

by Leonnie
what's with the abracadabra pose?? o.O

there's more~
youtube link #2 | facebook | Neil Creek

and if you're wondering who did the voice of the defendant, it's this guy:
Greg - Jess' bf

due to the aftermath of what happened on saturday.. everyone were officially dead and -after-a-long-story- we ended up late again ^^;
we reached there just 1 min before the cosplay comp. there were people asking us for photos but we had to reject them *sorry!!*

after a whirl of woo-hoo, i suddenly found myself with the other competitors.. whut?

then i saw K & Aly's Hakuouki groupppp 8DDD


and Minh as Saitou Hajime 8DDDDDD


'mkay.. sorry about that ^^;
just.. ignore me.. kkay??? ^^;;;;

*crawls into a deep hole to hide and rot*


*peeps out*

we didn't do much on sun, apart from staying in the alternate worlds theatre (???) to enjoy the rest of the cosplay comp.
Andrew's FF7 team, K & Aly's Hakuouki group and Jill's cosplay group whom-i-failed-to-remember-which-series-it-was-from were all so EPICCC <3 <3
your skits arr...

i didn't get to raid the traders hall properly..
and i missed Suzy who was cosplaying as Magnet!Len - VOCALOID on that day DD:

Chancake as Orihara Izaya from DURARARA!!
Photo by fujiko

you're very droolworthy as Izaya prz :D
i may sound like a freak but you really are..
i wish i can pull off Izaya as good as you when i do him next year.. half is more than enough orz"

we haven't seen each other for soooo soooo long and i miss you sooooo soooo much but STOOPID me forgot to take a photo with you!

when was the last time i met youuu??
and no photo with you as well 8(

of course.. who wouldn't miss these 2 SMEXY PEOPLES??? 8DDD

pumpkin as Morrigan - CAPCOM Hatsune Miku, Cantarella ver. - VOCALOID
Skye as SKYETO! Kaito, Cantarella ver. - VOCALOID
Photos by fujiko

i dare swear this works better for them
*gets shot*

saw hitomi's Alice HNKNA cosplay 8DDD
but WRHY??!
Photo by fujiko

and i also met YUMIII 8DDD
in her EPIC Yukimura Cheezuru - Hakuouki cosplay~~
at her table.
then i asked where she got her sword from.

then.. went out to cold to freeze~

met the ancestor of the Feys' from the wrong series
Regina as Princess Tomoyo from TRC
Photo by fujiko

and battled with Andrew's EPIC FF7 team
*tag yourselves*
because they only liked Udgey
Photo by Jess

i knew i did met a lot of people on sunday too.
but i fail to remember them DD:

i'm so sorry!!
if i had missed anyone out - on sat and sun, please tell me! >_<

my brain (as of today) has turned to goo and its about to incinerate itself soon DDDX

soon.. all the epicness had to come to an end DDD:
Photo by Kenny Yu

Photo by fujiko


after manifest dINNER 8D

we need food.

we were still high from manifest.

and we already decided our cosplay for Manifest 2011.

and more cosplays for 2011 cons 8DDD




sorry if i suddenly sounded high/woo-hoo/random/gone-case/retarded >..<

i really have to go back to editing and finishing my animation EVEN IF MY BRAIN WERE TO EXPLODE ITSELF :D
Photo by Darius Lee

... it seems that i have to do more IK shiz to my animals
*is talking about her animations assignment*

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MANIFEST~ part 1
it was HELL

my cosplay drama landed us into a.. not a very favorable chaos ^^; (read here, @ Lisa's dA journal)
such that we got to the con very, very late on both days and i fell out of the idols competition

the fact that our FF13 shoot got postponed to Sept brought us quite a relief. but it was NOT actually a relief at all.

we spent the whole night - morning rushing on my Ciel costume DDx
i feel so terrible..

and styling wigs

it was suicidal.

manifest 001

Jo, with his The Undertaker wig and methylated spirits

Mikey TJ also came to borrow by 80% finished and 90% accurate Hope ff13 costume because uh.. we kinda promised to trade DX
Me making the outfit and him making the weapon.

which.. did not really end up that great ^^;
*does not wish to talk about it*

what's obvious is that the entire costume needs a thorough make-over to make it photoshoot worthy
*is anal*

screw it!
it's manifest report!!

rants later~!


saturday/210810 Manifest day 01

so here's us!

photo by Jess
Grell @ Jess
Finny @ fujiko
The Undertaker @ Jo
Kappa/MUA @ July
Drocell @ Helen
Ciel Phantomhive @ myself
Sebastian Michaelis @ Lisa

everyone look sooooooo AWESOME <3
your FAIL!bocchan feels so happy to have you all by his side.. although, he is missing his one and only maid - Maylene
she could not come due to personal reasons and also, could not finish her costume on time ><

despite losing Maylene, we gained 2 moelicious maids

Sophie and Julie
Photo by Madeleine

the highlight for me was

1. My dearest bulter <3
Photo by Helen
Photo by Jenna
Photo stolen from Lisa's facebook OTL

2. July's make-up skillz on Jo, The Undertaker

The Undertaker - Kuroshitsuji by ~subzerojo on deviantART
and Jo himself to pull off The Undertaker so nicely of course :D

3. Jess' EPIC skills to pull Grell off LIKE HOW HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE <3
Photos by Greg
ILU for being our Grell <3

4. My gardener *gives hot glue gun*!! OMG SO CUTE!!!
Photo by fujiko

5. My ubercute fiance <3
Elizabeth Middleford @ Karen
can't find a good photo of us together D:
so i had to crop people out DDX

Photo by Jess

and meeting lots of awesome peoples IRL~!

Suzy, Jessica Lam - the other Sebastian Michaelis that my dear butler selfcest-ed with <3
Harmony, Leonnie, Lisa Betts

there should be more.
i must be blind.

i was.. well, half-blind for the whole day *stomps eyepatch*

but i did not wear my eyepatch properly as you can see here:

and of course..
Skye's EPIC FF13 Agito Team <3
but somehow i failed to interact with people on that day ORZ"

and this year... i was really surprised by the number of kuroshitsuji cosplayers.. especially Ciel (both trap and non)
Photo by Helen

there are still more of them roaming around the showgrounds..

and YES!! you see it coming didn't you??


Cielormoon, with Hitomi as Usagi Tsukino
Photo by fujiko

Sebastian Michaelis (@ Jessica) vs Sebastian Michaelis (@ Lisa)
but when Ciel disappears..
The Undertaker (@ Jo): DOES NOT APPROVE
Photos by Suzy

Photo by fujiko

Photo by fujiko

as you can see.. my costume was quite a rush job.
so towards the end of the day, you could see it losing buttons one by one till it had none xD

okays.. this is getting too long DX

just to recall, our team on sat consist of:
Sebastian Michaelis @ Lisa
Grell @ Jess
Finny @ fujiko
The Undertaker @ Jo
Kappa/MUA @ July
Drocell @ Helen
Elizabeth Middleford @ Karen
and myself as Ciel Phantomhive

who fails so badly with her own cosplay dramas as the head of the Phantomhive family

we had a Lau too..

but.. he kinda disappeared ._.


sunday's report coming up next~
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pre-manifest and amaranth~
i'm writing it here because i'm too poor to afford a sub on dA D:
at least, i get to put pretty pictures~

this is probably one of the many many manifest reports out there but heck, i just have to write it anyways xD


the days before manifest

fantasy sheep was being so awesome and decided to spite us by not having 5 of our most in-need wigs thrown into AU waters/airspace/land so that we can write a dramatic novel about them and Manifest.
for thursday, Amaranth Ball, i need my Oz wig (*pokes Fantasy Sheep*)
for saturday, Manifest day 02, we need our Undertaker and Grell wigs for our Kuroshitsuji team (are they floating somewhere in between China and AU?)
for sunday, Manifest day 03, a friend needs his Noctis wig and i need my Pearl wig (.. screw it)
so.. we ended up hunting eBay for replacements and annoying the hell out of the sellers by begging for EMS xD

but i did not get any replacement for my Oz wig
*is dumb*

that does not matter so much.. i was rushing the hell out of myself to finish my Hope FF13 cos and Ciel Kuroshitsuji cos because..
uh.. i suck.. and.. uhh..

thursday/190810 AMARANTH

I was supposed to cosplay as Oz but due to all the cosplay drama shiz.. i couldn't make my costume D:
so i bought one from eBay which turned out soooo inacurate (they gave me burberry pants FTW) that i had to borrow Kei's Oz costume.

then YES! my wig!!

i killed my Len wig for it

undid the ponytail, threw it on, mess it up a bit and HERPDERP done 3 mins.

the result..
Sheryl disapproves
Sheryl (@ Skye) disapproves

it does not matter how much we try to be early for events, we still end up LATE
we got there at like.. 7, 7:30??
it should have been b/c i got to Lisa's house too late such that we got changed really late T.T

but.. Amaranth was still as EPIC this year~
we raped the dance floor
@ Phoenix Wright (Jo), Godot (Evan), Ada Versallius (Stacey), Alice #1, Alice #2 (Hitomi), Serah Farron (fujiko) amd her friend which-i-forgot-to-ask-who-her-name-was-OTL & Alto Saotohime (pumpkin)

i thought we would be the only PH cosplayers there..
the obligatory MasterXservant pose
with Lisa as Gilbert Nightray


i meet my sister <3
Adaaaaa~~~ <3 (@ Stacey)
we haven't seen each other for 10 years why are you so much taller than me T.T

and ALICE! and another Alice.. and ooh..
*self PIMP*
@ Ada (Stacey), Gilbert (Lisa), @ Alice #1, Alice #2 (Hitomi), Serah (fujiko)

and Sieraaaaaaaa
but i forgot to take a photo of her OTL OTL OTL
and met Sasu too..

*is such a FAIL*

.. wait a sec, the photo credits is rather.. disturbing DD:
but heck~

i found a photo of Gil (@ Lisa), Ada (@ Stacey)and meee :D

then.. the night went on.

we won the trivia by asian means *iphone*

we got high..
thank you Godot (Evan) for your mask~
we KIRA!!

the face that wins everything <3
(@ Skye)

i saw HOT SherylXSheryl (@ Skye) X Siera) live action.. but no pic *FAIL*

a group photo of the people at our table it's a MUST but w/o Siera ='(

really short, brief and pic-spammy DD:

that's all for now~


all photos were grabbed off Lisa's facebook

next one shall be about Manifest xD
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more work..

This is how the orange bit of Hope's jacket currently look like.
It's PINK.


The TANGERINE ORANGE dye was a lie.

Gonna dye it yellow tmr. I bet it will turn orange.
If not, there's still..... photoshop! :D
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wtfffff xD

Ciel cos in the making, sheryl nome wig + vocaloid headphone = Cieryl

My Ciel pantssss DD:

Now making the outer layer of the coat. The pcs seem to fit quite well.. Hopefully they will look good. If yes, this will be my first coat that i've ever made and succeeded.


Gheyness and ghetthoness to the maxxx

The supposedly giant 1" diameter fastener is an innocent light blue button, ghetto'ed by silver 3D fabric paint to make it look like a fastener... frm a distance of 294763837462m.
The studa on the sleeve are real studs, but got killed and glue-gunned onto the fabric because i'm an absolute noobshit at reading pictorial instructions on the package.

So.. Here is my sad sad life when it comes to cosplaying.

It makes me feel like quitring b/c im such a failllll DDD:
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